Peppa Pig is hypnotising your children, psychologist claims

Have you ever wondered why your children never let you turn the TV off when Peppa Pig is on?

We all know Peppa is a stalwart of kids TV – she’s been around for 16 years, so she has some serious staying power.

But is there something more going on? According to a child psychologist, Peppa Pig may actually be hypnotising your children.

Dr Martina Pagila is a Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and Clinic Director at the International Psychology Clinic and she says that the ‘unusual’ voices of Peppa and Daddy Pig have a hypnotic tone to them.

‘Children’s hearing tends to be much more effective than adults and they have a sensitivity to both high and low-frequency sounds,’ she tells ‘George and Peppa have very high voices, Daddy Pig has a very low voice.

‘A contrast between the two is therefore bound to attract and maintain a child’s attention over a short period of time.’

Dr Martina continues: ‘Similarly, the light, bright and catchy theme tune is also high in pitch. It is simple and easily recognisable – a theme carried throughout the content of the whole programme.’

All this, the psychology says, contributes to the fact that children simply can’t get enough of the programme and keep coming back more and more. Even Peppa’s distinctive name has a part to play.

‘A child entranced by the music and content of the programme is likely to have an efficient recall,’ Dr Martina reveals.

‘[They] will remember the ‘P’ repetition of Peppa Pig. Although they are unlikely to pronounce all the words accurately, they will be encouraged to attempt the Peppa – like Papa – at an early stage of development.’

So it turns out, there is actually a method to the madness of Peppa Pig. Who knew?

Honestly, you’re welcome.

So just remember the next time you turn on the TV…don’t look Peppa in the eye!

Peppa Pig airs on Channel 5 and Nick Jr. in the UK.

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