Piers Morgan blasts 'inhuman' Manchester Uni bosses for treating students like 'caged animals' after putting up fencing

PIERS Morgan has blasted "inhuman" university bosses for treating students like "caged animals" after putting up fencing around their halls of residence.

University of Manchester students last night ripped down the barriers in protest on the first day of England's national lockdown.

University chiefs claimed the erected fencing was a "security measure" – but furious undergraduates claimed they were being "penned in".

"It's ridiculous," fumed Piers on Good Morning Britain today.

"What are they, caged animals?

"Are we really going to put all of these students in a little tiny, not very nice, box room, which is where most of them exist.

"Are we really going to tell them to stay like that, in there, for a month? That's inhuman. There has to be common sense here.

"These are young kids meant to be having the most free, wonderful time of their lives and we're treating them like caged animals. No wonder they went out protesting."

His co-host Susanna Reid added: "We need to look after each other right now because lockdown is tough.

"Let's look after people minds as well as their physical health at the moment. Just show some care, compassion and common sense."

The huge blockages were erected yesterday by tradesmen on the Fallowfield campus – dubbed "HMP Fallowfield" – to mark the start of the four-week shutdown.

Last night students trampled on the barriers and set off flairs in protest.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell apologised for the “concern and distress”, claiming the fencing meant to protect students from non-university visitors. 

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