Piers Morgan explodes at ‘ridiculous’ BBC as it calls fishermen – FISHER PEOPLE on Radio 4

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Piers Morgan hit out at BBC for replacing the word “fishermen” with “fisherpeople” in a bid to take out the word “men” from job descriptions. But Piers insisted that new guidelines are “ridiculous” and questioned whether women work on trawler fishing boats. The ITV Good Morning Britain host said: “It’s a rough old job, trawling for fish on the rough high seas in the Northern Sea.

“I have never seen a woman doing that.

“I don’t know why, there must be some I guess but is there a single woman in the country who actually trawls for fish?”

Co-host Susanna Reid interjected: “The figures show two percent.”

Piers continued: “Apparently but has anyone ever seen one? I don’t think I have but the whole language has been changed from fishermen to fisherpeople.

“There are certain jobs that women don’t like to do, right?

“Maybe in a trawler, rough and tough in the North Sea, it ain’t up there on the to-do list for the equality brigade.

“I want to find out, are there actually any women working on trawler fishing boats?”

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