Piers Morgan makes Charlotte Hawkins stand up to show off legs as she wears 'mini-skirt' marking 'first day of summer'

PIERS Morgan made his Good Morning Britain co-star Charlotte Hawkins stand up and show off her legs as she wore a "mini-skirt" on the show today.

The 55-year-old presenter exclaimed that this marked the "first day of summer" as he shared his joy for her attire.

Charlotte, 45, was baffled by his excitement – repeatedly correcting that she was actually wearing a dress.

Kicking off today's show, Piers told viewers: "My eyes are slightly distracted this morning as apparently summer has arrived, which I wasn't aware of.

"The first sign of spring is usually the cuckoos, but the first sign of summer, traditionally at Good Morning Britain, has been Charlotte Hawkins arriving in a mini-skirt for work and this morning, here she is."

Charlotte flushed red, as Piers encouraged her to stand up to show fans her outfit, saying: "Up you get."

Awkwardly standing, Charlotte showed off her enviable legs in the two-tone green and navy dress, complete with zip-up detailing.

She'd finished the look with a pair of heels, and replied in confusion: "It's just a dress?"

Piers argued: "It's not a dress, is it? No it's not."

Charlotte told her co-star: "I don't know why you are getting so overexcited about the fact I am wearing a dress – breaking news: I have a dress on!"

Piers replied: "I only know what you're wearing as when you walked past Susanna [Reid] went: 'Oh my god!' and I thought: Summer is here.

"I'm not complaining, I'm just observing."

Susanna corrected that she'd actually said: "Oh my god, don't you look fabulous!"

Charlotte replied: "We like to embrace a bit of sunshine, but I like to think there's more important matters."

And it's fair to say that the show erupted soon afterwards, with the fashion focus quickly replaced with a tense debate on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

In fact, just over five minutes after his exchange with Charlotte, Piers sensationally stormed off the set after being confronted by co-star Alex Beresford.

Alex criticised Piers' coverage of Meghan and Prince Harry's bombshell Oprah interview on yesterday's show, and was given his opportunity to speak about it today.

But Piers didn't like what his co-star had to say, refusing to listen before snapping: "I'm not having this" and heading to the studio exit.

He was off-screen for almost 20 minutes, but later returned, slamming Alex for "launching a personal derogatory attack" on someone that he works with.

Fans at home were stunned by the scenes, with Piers later taking to Twitter to admit he'd been a "snowflake".

Alex, 40, hit a nerve when he said that Piers' issue with Meghan was off the back of his personal grudge after she only met him for one drink before allegedly "cutting him off".

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