Piers Morgan reveals Andi Peters is secretly 'stinking rich' as he explains how GMB star makes his money in awkward chat

PIERS Morgan has revealed Andi Peters is secretly "stinking rich"e as he explained how the Good Morning Britain star makes his money.

Piers, 55, rubbed his fingers together as he told viewers that Andi, 50, was the "£500k a week man".

He said the legendary host – who made his TV debut in 1989 – doesn't just turn up to host the competition segments on ITV.

Today, Andi appeared on Good Morning Britain to reveal ITV's biggest cash prize ever with half a million pounds up for grabs.

But he took a risk when he poked fun at Piers, saying as he stood in front of a vintage Bentley and a castle: "You know what? Me, Susanna, we live very normal lifestyles. But Piers, he definitely lives the lifestyle of the rich and famous and you can do the same too."

Piers retorted: "I tell you what, let's go back to Peters for a minute. Hey Peters, what's your net worth?"

He added: "People just think you turn up in your little orange puffer jacket and present the promos.

"No! He OWNS the company who makes the promos. So when you call me rich and famous, you're stinking rich aren't you Peters, aren't you Peters?"

He continued to joke: "That car is one of your ten! That castle is yours! That puffer jacket, four grand. Versace puffer jacket.

"Just remember, every promo you watch… kerching, kerching."

Andi tried to laugh it off and said "we don't talk about that" and "this is akward".

But satisfied he'd got the last word, Piers added: "There you go. That will stop him going on about my wealth."

Andi's early breaks in the showbiz world came on children's TV with shows on CBBC – he also presented popular kids show Live & Kicking for three years.

Andi's exit from the show in 1996 was voted one of the biggest tear-jerking moments in TV history by Channel 4.

The presenter has a net worth of around £3million, built up from his many years in television.

Information about Andi's love life is pretty hard to find because the star keeps his personal life very private, telling Ben and Shephard he would be "eating alone" tonight.

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