Property renamed 'House of Budweiser' after owner wallpapers with used beer cans

A Florida home has been renamed as the ‘House of Budweiser’ because of the late owner’s decorating technique.

US Navy veteran Michael Amelotte spent 16 years lining every wall and ceiling with beer cans.

Sadly, he passed away from cancer in June, aged 69, and his condo, 15 miles south of West Palm Beach, was put up for sale.

The 815 square foot home went on the market for $100,000 (£78,000) and when Budweiser spotted the listing, they christened it with a new name and promised to keep the new owner’s fridge stocked with beer.

Inside, the kitchen, living area, dining room, two bedrooms and even the walk-in closet are covered in beer cans.

But if you are looking for an escape, the two bathrooms are decorated with plain old tiles.

Michael bought the house in 1986 and started the beer can project four years later.

It took him 16 years to cover the whole house, finishing in 2006.

Every single can was drunk by him, then cleaned and attacked to the wall.

Over the years so you can see how the logo and branding changes across the house.

After interest from across the world, the property sold earlier this month for an undisclosed sum.

Kristen Adams-Kearney, who owns the brokerage Kearney & Associates Realty who sold the property, told Today: ‘We’ve seen some things in our days because we’ve been through the short sale market and the foreclosure market but nothing like this.

‘He even went as far as to create crown molding and took attention to detail around outlets and A.C. vents in return.’

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