Rachel Shenton addresses Helens reservations in ACGAS

All Creatures Great And Small trailer released by Channel 5

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All Creatures Great and Small is back on Channel 5 this week and wedding bells are ringing in Darrowby. After Helen and James (played by Nicholas Ralph) confessed their love for one another, the new season will feature their highly-anticipated wedding. Actress Rachel Shenton spoke to Express.co.uk and other press about her character’s worries.

ACGAS fans are excited to see the highly-anticipated wedding of Helen and James as the third season kicks off.

The cast promised the big day will include equal measures of laughter and drama as James juggles his work and personal life.

Meanwhile, Helen is having to come to terms with leaving Heston Grange to move to Skeldale House.

She is torn between leaving her family behind and fitting in with her new family at the practice.

Rachel said she was given plenty of insight by the real James Herriot’s children about his marriage.


Alf Wight’s daughter Rosie gave Rachel tips on how her mother handled life after the wedding day.

When asked whether she had any advice about the day itself, the actress said: “Not necessarily the wedding day other than that she was so sure.

“You know, there was never any doubt in her mind. People have asked me ‘Do you think Helen had any reservations about marrying James?’

“The answer is absolutely no, never. I think she has reservations about what her life might be like in terms of how she navigates being part of Skeldale.

“Still being there for her family, which is so important to her.

“But in terms of marrying James, there was never any doubt. That was really illuminating anyway, just that she was so calm about it really.”

Rosie also recalled how her mother had a “wicked sense of humour”, which Rachel did not expect to hear.

“Rosie says things like if ever there was sort of a wicked joke, or you know, using bad language or anything, it was always from Helen, never from James.

“He was always quite buttoned up and raised his eyebrows and things, so that’s always really nice to hear.”

The actress hinted season three will delve deeper into the pair’s personal lives as a married couple.

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She said: “There’s a few stories, which I won’t say because they are further down the line in their relationship, that I hope come out.

“More about them and family and things, but I don’t think there has been anything too shocking.”

Rachel paid tribute to Rosie for being “so gracious with her time and anecdotes”.

“I email her frequently, probably more than she wants me to,” the actress admitted.

“But I think there’s a freedom in Helen not being in the books as much in a way.

“But I was always so keen to keep the spirit of Helen truthful, so I’m always asking specific questions.

“You know, ‘How would she react in this situation?’ Or ‘Tell me a story about when she made you laugh’.

“Just to try and get the spirit of her and I think everything that she usually says is, don’t take life too seriously.”

All Creatures Great and Small season 3 airs on Channel 5 on September 15 at 9pm.

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