RHOBH fans slam Teddi Mellencamp for daughter, 8, running on treadmill in sports bra after alarming diet program claims

TEDDI Mellencamp has been slammed by fans for filming her 8-year-old daughter running on a treadmill in a sports bra following backlash for her controversial diet program.

The fired RHOBH alum shared a video of her little girl, Slate, during her “mile a day challenge” that some of her nearly one million Instagram followers labeled “inappropriate.” 

On Saturday, the 39-year-old ex Bravo star posted a clip on social media of Slate running on a treadmill in the backyard of their Los Angeles home. 

The 8-year-old wore a blue sports bra and matching pants with her stomach exposed. 

Teddi captioned the post: “Slate is 7 days in to her a mile a day challenge. Some days she walks. 

“Some days she runs and tries to beat her fastest pace. She came up with this because she was having trouble sleeping after spending so much time on zoom during online school. 

“She said her goal is to inspire others that they to can do a mile a day because she feels so much better doing it. So proud of you Slate Deezy Deeze,” she concluded the message. 

The mom-of-three quickly came under fire from haters online who deemed the outfit “inappropriate” and took issue with the rigorous exercise at Slate’s age.

One person asked: ”I don’t like this 🙁 where did body positive go?”

“Why do I feel like Teddi Mellencamp filming her young daughter in a sports bra with her mid drift showing while running on a treadmill on her Instagram is really inappropriate  … am I the only one?” Another questioned. 

While one more commented: “An 8 year old should be out chasing butterflies in her free time – not in front of another screen & worried about her figure. I find it very very sad.”

The critique comes weeks after Teddi’s health company, All In By Teddi, was widely slammed with stories of extreme side effects from the “500-calorie-a-day" plan. 

According to their website, All In strives to “provide our clients a pathway to self-accountability through personal one-on-one support, guidance and tools that inspire a complete – and lasting – lifestyle shift toward health, fitness and achieving one’s best self.”

The program is available at various-priced tiers – with the most expensive “Jumpstart” option being $599 for two weeks of “detoxifying” and “resetting” the body.

People who took part in the program have since criticized it for it’s alleged promotion of minimal food consumption and harmful messaging. 

One woman who signed up in 2019 but quit during the first two weeks told Daily Beast: “They don’t let you know the menu before you start.”

“I was really surprised at how little I was allowed to eat,” she added. 

The same woman also told the outlet that she was on an “approximately 500 calories a day” diet while also “burning 500-600 calories a day through cardio.”

In just 11 days, the client – who wished to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation – claimed she lost 11 pounds. 

Former All In member, Dana Thorogood, did the monthly program in 2018 but suffered from severe side effects.

“It didn’t take long for some serious side effects and symptoms to occur,” she said.

Dana continued: “Dizzy spells, headaches, extreme body weakness. I also felt very hungry all the time.

In addition to their questionable health practices, the program is also being slammed for not having its staff properly certified. 

The accountability coaches are “not licensed health professionals and have no healthcare training,” Teddi – who was fired from RHOBH earlier this year – admitted in a statement after the backlash. 

“We practice what we preach, and it isn’t about certifications. If people are looking for certifications, then they need to go elsewhere,” she added. 

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