Richard Osman pays tribute to Pointless replacement as he talks exit

Tipping Point: Richard Osman praises Sally Lindsay

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Comedian and presenter Richard Osman made an appearance on BBC’s The One Show to discuss his newly released novel The Bullet That Missed. As he spoke to hosts Alex Jones and Roman Kemp, Richard paid a heartfelt tribute to Sally Lindsay who recently replaced him on the quiz show Pointless. 

Alongside his co-host Alexander Armstrong, Richard has been the face of Pointless since the show first aired in 2009. 

The presenter announced his departure from the show after filming his final episode in July. 

The news of his departure came as a huge shock to fans who loved the show as well as his humour. 

Following Richard’s exit, it was revealed a number of guests to take over his role for the foreseeable future with Sally Lindsay being the first.  

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During his appearance on The One Show, Richard paid tribute to Sally and praised her for presenting the quiz show. 

Roman asked: “What advice would you give to any of the guests?”

To which Richard responded: “Just be yourself, you’ve got the be yourself. 

“They’ve got some brilliant people, Sally is amazing, I think Stephen Mangan is doing it next, Konnie Huq is doing it, Lauren Laverne, all sorts of brilliant people. 

“You’ve just got to have fun, that’s the point of that show, is to have a laugh with Xander.”

Richard continued: “You know, you’ve got to get some information across but the key thing is just entertain, entertain people at tea time.”

Sally made her first appearance as guest host on September 21, and as Alexander welcomed her he shared: “She’s my new Pointless friend, my first in 12 years, the wonderful Sally Lindsay!”

The Coronation Street star highlighted how different it felt: “This is so exciting and so surreal!”

“Just wanted to ask you, do you feel like you’ve cheated a bit?”

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To which Alexander teased: “It feels a bit naughty but we’ll work through it.”

Following his departure, Richard also spoke about watching Pointless as a viewer and playing along with the quizzes. 

He told Alex and Roman: “I love it, I’ve always wondered why people like Pointless because I always had the answers written down and I knew what the scores were.

“I’m watching it now going, ‘Oh I don’t know, I wonder what that’s going to score as.’”

Richard remarked: ”It’s a really good show, I’m loving watching it, I got a Pointless answer the other day.”

Both Alex and Roman shared their amazement while Richard added: “Yeah. I was absolutely thrilled, I was made up, I had to tweet it. 

The comedian took to his 1.1 million Twitter followers and played along as he watched the episode. 

He wrote: “The first time I’ve ever been able to watch #Pointless and actually play along without knowing the answers already. Good luck to the first of the new co-hosts @sallylindsay.”

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One

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