Ryan makes promise to Carla as she leaves Coronation Street

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has been living under the care of aunty Carla Barlow (Alison King) since his horrific acid attack ordeal in Coronation Street, but recent scenes saw him send her packing.

While making a cup of tea in Carla’s flat, Ryan discovered a discarded piece of paper with details of a posh hotel booking.

On closer inspection he realised the booking was for that day, and quizzed Carla on why she wasn’t going.

Carla revealed that Peter (Chris Gascoyne) had booked the wrong dates, though Ryan wasn’t convinced.

He pointed out that the trip was non-refundable, before insisting that she shouldn’t cancel because of him, as he could look after himself.

Carla insisted that it was fine, as they had already booked another date, which was also non-refundable.

It seemed as though that was the end of things, until Carla found Ryan in the kitchen later and pointed out that he looked like he was feeling better.

Ryan revealed that he was, and said that that was why she should go ahead with her trip.

As Ryan pointed out that he knew he was the reason she had cancelled, Carla relented and explained that she was wary of leaving him on his own.

With Ryan having proved that he would be able to manage on his own just fine, he further persuaded her to go by pointing out the impressive facilities she would be able to enjoy.

Finally, Carla was convinced, and Ryan set her mind at ease by promising that Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) would pop in to make sure he wasn’t completely on his own.

With Carla and Peter heading off for a nice weekend away, will Ryan really be able to cope on his own?

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