Rylan Clark-Neal makes up with Gary Barlow after SEVEN-year X Factor feud when he called the Take That star 'fat'

RYLAN Clark-Neal has made up with his X Factor nemesis Gary Barlow, after calling him 'FAT' on the show seven years ago.

Rylan, who found fame on X Factor, was embroiled in a long-running feud after he laughed at the judge's fuller figure back in 2012.

But Rylan, now 30, tweeted a sweet snap of the pair hugging at a showbiz party last night and captioned it: "After 7 years….. we're good."

Rylan savaged Gary on The X Factor when the boyband legend asked him what member of Take That he was trying to be.

And Rylan snapped back: "Definitely weren't you, I'm far too skinny."

Gary then jumped out of his seat as if to threaten the contestant, but it was just in jest.

However, things weren't so playful when Gary claimed that Rylan's act was "panto".

The songwriter said during X Factor in 2012: "(Rylan) clearly entertains some people. Let me tell you one thing, those kind of acts… they're not for me."

He continued to ramp up his venom toward Rylan, who was being mentored by Nicole Scherzinger, and taunted him at a Mencap charity gig by getting the crowd to chant “get him out”.

Gary told fans at the event that he thought Rylan was “absolute sh**” and added he planned to tell him so at the live show.

However, Rylan hit back on Twitter, telling him: "I'd rather be 'absolute s***' than just stand there and sing the same old stuff every week on the spot… #boreme @GBarlowOfficial."

And furious Rylan, then aged 24, claimed Gary’s put downs had encouraged people to bombard him with hate mail.

He said at the time: "I’m not saying the word ‘bully’, not in the slightest bit. I just look at it and think it’s not nice to get a crowd to do something like that… ever.

"It’s a bit hateful. I’m all up for the panto but these people in the crowd are hardcore Gary fans. If he turns round and says something, that’s in their head and they’re the ones who come on Twitter to give me abuse. I get a lot of ‘I Love Gary Barlow’ people tweeting me and that’s expected, but I don’t think that helped this week."

Rylan had even been forced off Twitter for a few days after receiving hundreds of vile messages, including cruel homophobic taunts.

However, he got the last laugh when he called the judge 'Gary Bore-low' and pranked him by pretending he'd picked a Take That hit to cover on the show.

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