Sarah Silverman Is ‘Jewish Brad Pitt’ with New Snapchat Filter — See the Hilarious Transformation

Snapchat filters never fail to be amusing.

What started with the face-swap phenomenon has evolved to so many hilarious and sometimes terrifying options, and Sarah Silverman is having some fun with them.

The actress shared a selfie on her Instagram Tuesday morning, using a filter that can configure your features to look like those of the opposite sex, and the result was incredible.

“Well it turns out the Snapchat dude version of me is straight up Jewish Brad Pitt,” she captioned the post. The resemblance is truly uncanny.

And if Silverman really was a “Jewish Brad Pitt,” she would have a much easier time posting what she wants on her Instagram account.

The outspoken comedian tested the boundaries on Instagram last week, pushing back on the platform’s content rules after a photo she posted showing her nipples was removed because it did not follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines on “nudity or pornography.”

“Men’s breasts are not obscene but women’s breasts are obscene (unless they’re oiled up and smashed down by sexy suspenders covering the obscene nipples),” she wrote in a post, showing followers the notification she received when her photo was removed. “Sorry, @instagram ! You are teaching our girls well! Thanks for the guidance! LESSON LEARNED : girls: be ashamed. Be very ashamed.”

The Saturday Night Live star proceeded to share photos of topless men and women, comparing the two as “obscene” vs. “not obscene,” marking over the women’s nipples but not the men’s in order to make sure Instagram did not take them down.

And Silverman isn’t the first star to throw heat at the platform for its policy. Miley Cyrus previously launched the #freethenipple campaign with the mission to empower women and promote female equality by urging officials to allow nudity on social media channels.

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