Sean Young says ‘awful’ Charlie Sheen called her a ‘c**t’ while filming Wall Street and claims actor did ‘coke on set’

SEAN Young said Charlie Sheen is "awful" and claimed he called her a "c**t" while filming Wall Street.

The 61-year-old actress also alleged the actor did "coke on set."

After admitting both Charlie and director Oliver Stoner were "awful" during a recent interview with The Daily Beast, the actress claimed: "Charlie was on a lot of coke on that show, and that’s what coke does to you."

Sean also alleged that Charlie, 55, wrote the word "c**t" on a piece of tape and stuck it on her back while on set of the 1987 film.

When asked to detail the incident, she said that her co-star Michael Douglas tore the paper off her before she could read what it said.

She recalled:  "I said, 'What was that?' and he said, 'Forget it.'

"Then the art dealer—the guy who brought in all the paintings that were on the wall—was there guarding the paintings, and he told me what Charlie had done."

Sean continued: "I spoke with Charlie the next day and said, 'Your dad was a pro. Writing ‘c**t’ on a piece of tape and sticking it to my back? Not pro. It’s just stupid. What are you doing?”'

The Sun has reached out to Charlie's reps for a comment.

As the interview continued, Sean revealed how Oliver, 74, had her role as Kate Gekko reduced in the film.

The actress claimed: "Oliver’s put Daryl [Hannah] in this white dress that she ends up wearing in the big party scene, and Daryl let me hang out in her trailer.

"Daryl didn’t want to wear the dress because it’s backless, and I look at Oliver and say, 'Oliver, why would you want her to wear a dress she doesn’t feel comfortable in?'

"He says, 'Could you excuse us for a minute?' and I get up and leave the trailer."

She continued: "So we’re doing the rehearsal and he takes my only line in the scene—Bud’s talking about racehorses and I turn to him and say, 'These are jumping horses, dear, these aren’t racehorses,' like a big snob—and he gives my line to Daryl. And I go up Oliver and say, 'I don’t understand? I have no lines now. What’s the point of me being in this scene?'

"And he goes, 'You’re right. You’re fired.'

"I went to the trailer, got my stuff, and then they told me to get in this car.

"And this driver, who I thought was going to take me back to Manhattan, drops me off at the bus station."

Sean concluded: "I just thought, 'OK. If this is how you get your rocks off.”'

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