Selling Sunset: Why did Davina Potratz stick up for Justin Hartley?

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Selling Sunset is on Netflix now and season three focussed on the split between Chrishell Stause and her actor husband Justin Hartley. The divorce was discussed at Christine Quinn’s wedding and Davina Potratz said: “There are two sides to every story.” Potratz has since explained why she spoke out about Hartley at the wedding.

Why did Davina Potratz defend Justin Hartley?

Season three of Selling Sunset was an emotional rollercoaster as fans saw Stause start a new life as a single woman.

The real estate agent from The Oppenheim Group in LA moved into her own home, and she built up the courage to attend Quinn’s wedding shortly after the news of her split.

Stause said the news of the divorce had come out of the blue, and Hartley had announced the decision over text, which left fans shocked.

Mary Fitzgerald was quick to defend Stause, however, Potratz said there must have been more to the story than what had been revealed.

At Quinn’s wedding, she upset Stause, who ended up storming out of the event, after she said Hartley also had his side of the story to tell.

Fans of the series then attacked Potratz for not sticking up for her colleague, and Fitzgerald also hit out at her for choosing the wrong side.

Potratz has since explained why she said the things she did about Hartley and the divorce at the wedding.

Speaking to Variety she said: “I was really taking a neutral stance. That was my thinking and I’m not in any way defending Justin and not supporting Chrishell. I absolutely support Chrishell.”

Potratz said she had been trying to learn more about the reasoning behind the divorce, so she could understand the situation and empathise with Stause.

She reiterated: “I’m not defending Justin. I don’t know what happened. I think it was a little bit maybe misunderstood.”

Potratz said she believed the episode had been edited in such a way as to create a dramatic effect.

She said the whole conversation between the colleagues had not been included, and there was plenty more to the discussion.

Fitzgerald had taken a very different stance and had been on Stause’s side from the start. She explained how her colleagues should all be taking Stause’s side over Hartley’s.

Stause said how she could not speak about the issue anymore, and she left the wedding early, leaving Fitzgerald reeling.

Hartley is yet to share his side of the story publicly, but sources close to him have revealed he has his own account.

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Fans are keen to see the story unravel further in a potential season four, but it is not clear which of the real estate agents will feature in a new series.

Viewers are wondering whether Stause will return to The Oppenheim Group, or whether she will start a whole new life following the divorce.

She is currently taking part in Dancing With The Stars and has been partnered with Gleb Savchenko.

Potratz herself has also hinted she may not appear in the next season, saying she had considered starting her own brokerage.

She featured heavily in season three as she attempted to make a sale on client Adnan Sen’s home.

Fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on how Potratz reacted to the news about Stause and Hartley.

One fan said: “My blood is BOILING watching the episode of Selling Sunset where Davina and Christine are defending Chrishell’s husband by saying ‘well I met him one time and he was nice to me’. Enraging.”

Fans have also defended Fitzgerald’s husband, Romain Bonnet, after he called Potratz out on her stirring behaviour.

One fan said: “So glad Romain gave Davina the dragging, she ABSOLUTELY deserved at Christine’s engagement party #SellingSunset.”

Selling Sunset is on Netflix now

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