Seven huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Charity’s despair and Paddy’s night with Mandy

Charity Dingle turns to the bottle next week in Emmerdale after cheating on Vanessa Woodfield. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening in the Dales next week…

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1. Moira reveals a dark secret

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see it all kick off as Moira tells Mackenzie they need to have a chat.

When Mackenzie tries to wriggle out of it, she tells him he needs to hear what she’s about to say. 

After Mackenzie leaves, viewers will see Moira sobbing alone.

What dark secret has Moira revealed?

2. Charity turns to booze

Charity will be full of regret next week after cheating on Vanessa. 

Despairing over her broken relationship, it’s not long before Charity turns to the bottle. 

Viewers will see Tracy refuse to show Charity any sympathy and tell her she’s brought this upon herself. 

3. Tracy drops a bombshell

When Charity then asks Tracy if she can take Johnny to see Vanessa, she’s devastated when Tracy reveals that Johnny is already with his mum.

Tracy then drops another bombshell which shatters Charity’s hopes of reuniting with Vanessa. 

What has Tracy revealed?

4. Chas tries to make amends

Paddy is shocked when he discovers she’s back in the village to support Charity – but hasn’t told him.

When they bump into each other, Chas apologises for not mentioning she was back, adding that she had planned to return to Scotland without him knowing she had returned to the village.

The next day, Charity urges Chas to sort out her relationship with Paddy before it’s too late. 

5. Paddy spends the night with Mandy

But Mandy hatches a plan and tricks Paddy into heading to the Dingles with her, where she manages to distract him with booze. 

Meanwhile, back at the Woolpack, Bear tells Marlon about Mandy’s plan.

Later, Chas arrives to talk to Paddy and Marlon and Bear try to stall her from discovering his whereabouts. 

When Marlon finally admits Paddy is at the pub drinking with Mandy, Chas realises she might have driven him into the arms of his ex. 

Chas is devastated when Paddy doesn’t come home that night. 

Has he slept with his ex Mandy?

6. Mackenzie clashes with Cain

When Cain spots Mackenzie in the village, he squares up to him and tells him if he ever sees him here again he’ll be leaving in a body bag. 

Meanwhile, Rhona tries to support Moira and tells her she’s always there if she needs her. 

7. Moira pushes Cain away 

As Rhona and Moira chat, they’re interrupted by Cain, who bursts in and starts raging about Mackenzie. 

But Moira is quick to warn Cain to leave her brother alone. 

Is Mackenzie going to drive a wedge between Cain and Moira?

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