Sir Tom Jones left with head in hands over The Voice ‘mistake’: ‘Should be here!’

The Voice: Tom Jones says he made a ‘mistake’

On tonight’s round of eliminations, all four judges passed on singer Ella Young who performed an amazing rendition of Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. As she left the stage, Sir Tom Jones was regretting his decision not to turn for the 19-year-old student and was left with head in hands, claiming: “She should have been here.”

The judges were looking at each other quite interested during Ella’s amazing performance. 

Anne-Marie and Tom in particular seemed to be contemplating whether to turn for the singer. 

The audience watching at home and through live link with the studio were chanting for at least one of the judges to turn their seat but as Ella finished the song, she walked backstage without being selected by any of the judges. 

Sir Tom in particular seemed to be regretting his decision not to press the button.

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“I was almost there but I have got too many people already,” said Tom. 

“If we all were at three, it would have been a four turn and we would be fighting,” added

Anne-Marie said: “That is so annoying though is it?”

“Yeah, that’s a mistake,” concluded Tom. 

“She should have been here,” he said after the fact. 

But since most judges have few spots left in their teams, they have to be careful with who they choose. 

Fans online also weren’t happy with this move by the judges. 

@RealSirTomJones is a really bad coach on @TheVoiceUK. Just press the button if you wanna press it  #TheVoiceUK,” said one angered fan on Twitter. 

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“The judges this year on The Voice have let go some powerful singers. I feel like everybody has the same sort of voice,” commented another. 

SHE WAS AMAZING!! what is wrong with them!??!?” shouted someone else. 

Some viewers online also complained that Ella singing a musical theatre song could have prejudiced the judges.

“Why do people auditioning for the Voice not realise that singing anything musical theatre will not get you a turn?!”

“Gorgeous voice but this isn’t a musical show …they were never gonna turn with that song,” commented someone else. 

“She was amazing, I had goosebumps. They should have turned,” complained another person. 

Others added: “Come on guys Ella should’ve had a turn, gutted for her….

“I’m sorry but how did no one not turn for Ella? #thevoiceuk”

The Voice UK airs on Saturday at 8:30pm on ITV. 

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