‘Sorry!’ The One Show’s Alex Jones red-faced as phone goes off

The One Show: Alex Jones’ phone goes off

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On Wednesday night’s instalment of BBC’s The One Show hosts, Alex Jones and Jermaine Jenas were speaking to Watchdog presenter Nikki Fox about online scammers. When Alex started to explain that her photo was taken to falsely advertise an establishment she was interrupted by the ringing of her mobile phone.

During the episode, Nikki was speaking about how certain celebrities are having their images used without their permission to sell certain products.

Not knowing that their faces are being used to advertise a business or service, The One show viewers were played a pre-recorded of The Chase’s Anne Hegerty.

After she spoke about how her face was being used to promote Keto dieting pills, the clip then cut back to the studio to speak to Alex and Jermaine.

Nikki then asked the two hosts if they’d ever found themselves in a situation where the same thing has happened to them.

As Jermaine nodded to Alex and revealed it’s happened to her, the BBC presenter then started to admit how it unfolded.

She said: “Well, funnily enough you see Gabby (Logan), I went to a fitness class, once near where we lived in West London. I went once and…”

The One Show host quickly realised that her mobile phone had started to ring as the looked horrified she had left it on loud.

Both she and Jermaine looked behind the sofa to inspect where the noise was coming from and he agreed it was her phone going off.

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