Spoilers: Drunk Audrey flirts with much younger Ryan in Coronation Street

Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) decides to embrace growing old disgracefully (yes, disgracefully) in upcoming Coronation Street episodes as she hits the bottle and ends up flirting with Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott).

As the Platt family continue to grow concerned about Audrey’s drinking habits, Shona (Julia Goulding) agrees to keep an eye on her but tells Gail (Helen Worth) she needs to bin the Thai brass elephant in return.

(Shona thinks the ornament is full of negative energy, by the way).

Soon enough, Audrey goes walkabout and Gail finds her at the pub.

After an argument with her daughter, Audrey chats to Rita (Barbara Knox) and they decide to raise a toast to growing old disgracefully.

The next day, David (Jack P Shepherd) despairs as Audrey announces she’s returning to work at the barbers, and it isn’t long until she cracks open the wine and starts flirting with Ryan, who’s in for a cut.

David asserts it’s time Audrey went home, but as she heads for her coat, she trips over the Thai elephant and falls to the floor.


As Audrey’s behaviour continues to cause problems for the Platt family, maybe the arrival of her son, Stephen (Todd Boyce), will allow her to see she needs to change her ways?

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