Spoilers: Mary is head over heels in love as a romance blossoms in Emmerdale

It looks like there’s some very good news for Mary (Louise Jameson) in upcoming Emmerdale episodes when she gets a message from Faye, the woman she met on a dating app.

Mary had a couple of unsuccessful attempts when she decided to try the app. Her first date, Joy, who she pinned a lot of hope on, turned out to be a cycling enthusiast with whom Mary had absolutely nothing in common. The next date she set up failed to turn up at all.

It seemed like a case of third time lucky when she met Faye, who was into sci fi and books, like Mary. The two women had loads to talk about and Mary dared to hope that she’d found someone she could really form a special bond with.

Sadly these hopes were dashed when Faye told her she was about to set off on a charity mission to Ecuador.

An insecure Mary interpreted this as being Faye’s way of letting her down gently, though her son-in-law Marlon (Mark Charnock) advised her not to give up so easily as he reckoned Faye was probably being entirely straightforward with her when she said she hoped they’d be able to pick things back up on her return.

He’s a wise man, that Marlon Dingle. In upcoming episodes Mary is thrilled to get a message from Faye saying she’s back in the Dales and wants to meet Mary for another date. And when Faye arrives for the rendezvous Mary finds she’s as smitten with her as she was on their first meeting.

Does Faye feel the same? Is love about to blossom for Mary?

We can only hope so because nobody deserves it more.

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