Stacey Solomon puts a BATH in her bedroom as she transforms Pickle Cottage ahead of daughter's birth

STACEY Solomon showed off the finishing touches on her dream bath in her bedroom ahead of her daughter's birth.

The Loose Women star, 31, gave fans a glimpse of her stand alone bathtub positioned in front of the sash windows.

Stacey, who is expecting a little girl in the next few weeks, said it was her "dream" to have a bath in her bedroom.

The X Factor star showed her fans a 'before' and 'after' of the transformation, complete with new floorboards.

Stacey penned: "I know I have been so housey today…I just get so excited this is honestly my dream."

The telly favourite also accessorised the room with a shelf with bath milk, fejkas and candles.

Stacey added: "So much more to add but it's only the beginning and I can't wait to get thrush every DAMN day."

It comes after Stacey revealed that she is considering to have a home birth for her fourth baby amid Covid fears.

The Loose Women star admitted that she wants her mum present during the birth "because she won't let me die".

The couple, whose blended family is currently made up of boys Harry, 14, Zachary, 13, Leighton, nine and Rex, two, will soon have their first girl.

“The birth – it is still something we are talking about," she told the Standard.

"I wouldn’t be able to have my mum there, my mum has been there for every other birth, which sounds sad because I am 31 years old but I feel like she won’t let me die and she has always been there.

"We are looking at our options for a home birth."

She added: "“It lessens the Covid risk… but then there is the risk if you need to be blue lighted in and there is an emergency.

"It is trying to weigh up those options. I have never considered it this much before.

"I feel like, Joe won’t be able to come in until the last minute, mum won’t be there, there is the risk of getting Covid… I don’t know how comfortable I feel.”


Joe Swash has said his family with Stacey will be complete when she gives birth to their baby daughter.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Joe said: "When we found out we was having a girl I did feel slightly emotional, I did tear up and so did Stacey. Just because we're complete now, you know. We've got our four boys and a little girl coming. What a lovely unit."

The former EastEnders star, 39, has been told by friends with daughters that he'll feel extra protective of the newborn.

He said: "I love all my kids exactly the same, but all my friends that have girls say to me as soon as you have a girl you get this weird urge to protect her, so I think it will be slightly different."

Joe's already preparing to learn a brand new set of skills to help him bond with his daughter as she grows.

He said: "I'm definitely going to learn how to do French braids and plaiting and stuff, which is so strange because I'm just used to fighting and wrestling."

Stacey, 31, will be going on maternity leave in the next couple of weeks and Joe said the pair are doing their best to complete renovations at their £1.2million Pickle Cottage ready for the baby's arrival.

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