Staff paranoid as Nina introduces peer review scheme in Doctors

The doctors of Letherbridge come under severe peer pressure this week as a new peer review scheme introduced by Nina (Wendi Peters) comes into effect.

The idea is simply that one member of the team should observe another member of staff closely while on the job before submitting some feedback on how the other one did.

Sid (Ashley Rice) is about the only member of staff who doesn’t mind doing this, but Al (Ian Midlane) who is famously independent is fiercely against the idea. Scarlett, Karen and Luca (Kia Pegg, Jan Pearson and Ross McLaren) place bets on who they think will have the biggest meltdown.

Al is especially horrified to learn that has been paired up with Nina. Nina has a long list of criticisms relating to his performance, something which he does not respond well to.

Karen is later forced to comfort Nina after she sees Nina retreating from Al’s presence in a state of upset. Meanwhile, Daniel (Matthew Chambers) has been paired up with Suni (Rahul Anya) while Sid has been placed with Emma (Dido Miles). Neither of these pairings go well either.

By the end of the day, virtually half of the staff are not speaking to the other half as a result of Nina’s scheme. But when Zara (Elisabeth Dermot Walsh), Daniel and Bear (Dex Lee) attempt to discuss it with Nina herself, she makes her excuses and leaves. Whoops!

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