Star Wars: New Luke Skywalker story reveals connection to Rey before The Force Awakens

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In the seventh Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, Luke Skywalker (played by Mark Hamill) was tracked down by Rey Skywalker (Daisy Ridley) in an attempt to receive some Jedi training from him. A lot of mystery surrounded Rey’s parentage and who she was really related to, eventually being revealed in The Rise of Skywalker that she was actually a descendant from Emperor Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid). Now, Rey and Luke’s story is expanding.

Today, Disney, Star Wars and publisher Del Rey announced a new novel titled Shadow of the Sith.

The book, which is due out next summer, tells the story of Luke and Lando Calrissian “racing into the mystery of the Sith’s lingering shadow and aid a young family running for their lives”.

This family running for their lives will no doubt be Rey and her as-of-yet unnamed parents.

The novel, which is being written by fiction stalwart Adam Christopher, also holds storylines to what happened to Luke between episodes six and seven.

The announcement revealed the book is set two decades after the Battle of Endor – the final scenes of The Return of the Jedi – however Jedi Master Luke is not at peace just yet.

Luke is “haunted by visions of the Dark Side, foretelling an ominous secret growing somewhere in the depths of space, on a dead world called Exegol”.

Of course, as a Jedi – and indeed the only son of Darth Vader – Luke has always had visions of the Dark Side.

But, as fans already know, in the years that will follow the warrior within the book, he will push his nephew, Ben Solo, into the Dark Side to eventually become Kylo Ren.

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Meanwhile, Lando’s story will focus on how his daughter was stolen from his arms at a young age.

The character mentioned a daughter in The Rise of Skywalker for the first time.

It was heavily implied throughout the film that Jannah (Naomi Ackie) was actually Lando’s daughter.

Throughout the movie, it was revealed Jannah was, like Finn, forced into joining the First Order to become a storm trooper.

Jannah star Naomi previously said: “I love the theory that [Lando and Jannah] are father and daughter, I really do.

“I think that’s the coolest one. How it happened and how they were separated would have to be explored, and I think is being explored in some sort of canon.

“I also like the way it ended, this kind of ambiguous you don’t really know. I said before filming I know everything, but I’m still [lips sealed].”

Shadow of the Sith hits book stores on June 28, 2022.


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