Teen Mom Briana DeJesus admits she's ‘childish’ as she trades insults with ex Devoin Austin in nasty co-parenting feud

TEEN Mom star Briana DeJesus admitted to fans that she’s been “childish” as she and ex Devoin continue their ugly co-parenting feud.

The two share 9-year-old Nova and have been trading insults for months, with Devoin just accusing his baby mama of not graduating from elementary school earlier this week.

Over the course of the most recent season of Teen Mom 2, Briana consistently called out Devoin Austin for not doing enough to help out with their daughter.

Their feud continued off of TV, with both of them slamming each other on social media, going back and forth with new leaked messages, personal details, and insults.

After months of it, Briana admitted on Instagram that doesn’t think she’s been acting very “adulty” lately.

She shared a meme on her Story that read: “Adults seemed so much more adulty when I was a kid. We childish as hell.”

Agreeing with the statement, Briana attached her own comment to it, writing: “We really are. Lmfao.”

Sharing this realization comes just after Briana shared a text exchange between Nova and Devoin, and wondered “Wth” was with her baby daddy’s responses and asked her fans to weigh in.

The young father asked his daughter in the message, "What are you doing today?" To which she replied, "Idk why?"

Devoin was not pleased by Nova's response, as he reprimanded: "Just asking. Don't ask me why…that's rude. You have a good day."

But Briana did not appreciate Devoin's message, writing: "Terrible parenting skills… asking why maybe meant she didn't wanna do what she had planned originally and was up for another offer.

"But shutting her out and saying have a good day was the best response u could give? JESUS CHRIST IT IRKS MY NERVES."

He reshared her post and added his own comment on the situation, insulting Briana's education in the process.

Devoin wrote: "I don't expect NOBODY without a grammar school diploma to know anything about respect.

"You can try and make this a thing… maybe your sensitive fans will you lies like they agree. But 'what' 'why' are words I don't want to hear from my child! She is my child."

He continued in another post: "Lol you think you should have explain ANYTHING that simple to your child??

"Ain't no why to what you are doing. That's some shit you say to your friends! Sorry I will be instilling that in her brain! Simply stated that I was raised to know!"

Previously, Devoin was the one to leak messages and had posted a whole exchange he'd had with his baby mama about spending time with Nova and filming for Teen Mom.

He shared their private text messages with her phone number exposed after the mother of two blasted him for not helping her out enough with their daughter, both financially and physically.

She claimed she makes less than other Teen Mom stars, but still makes a good amount, however, that’s not a reason why Devoin should only be contributing the “bare minimum.”

Bri then slammed him and told him to "try being a father" after he leaked her number in "bulls**t stunt."

Devoin also admitted he's been "immature" a lot and if he could go back in time to when Nova was first born then he'd "be more mature."

He added: "A little maturity, you could go a long way."

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