Teen Mom Jenelle Evans drinks White Claws after boat breaks down in lake after fans worry she 'has an alcohol problem'

TEEN Mom alum Jenelle Evans filmed herself drinking White Claws after her boat broke down in the middle of a lake.

The scene came after after fans of the MTV show voiced their worry that the mom-of-three 'has an alcohol problem'.

Jenelle, 29, wore a pink bra top and mirrored sunglasses in the video uploaded to her TikTok account.

She complained to her 1.9 million followers and said: "Luck has got the best of us… we're chilling and we're stuck but we've got some drinks, we got some food.

"The boys are gonna figure it out."

She explained: "We're on an island, so at least we got that, but our boat won't start – SOS."

As her husband David Eason worked on the boat's engine, a friend suggested the group may have to paddle to get home.

But fortunately, things quickly turned around and Jenelle ended the video screaming; "We're not stuck anymore!!", as she and her pal raised their cans to the camera.

Noting the drink in Jenelle's hand, some rushed to point out the fact in the comments.

One followers wrote: "Look more drinks".

Another asked: "Do you drink anything that's not alcoholic?"

To which Jenelle, who is mom to 12-year-old Jace, Kaiser, six, and Ensley, four, replied: "Water and coffee".

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Just last week, Jenelle was accused of drinking 'every day' by followers on TikTok after she shared a video of her sipping a can of alcoholic drink White Claw while dancing and cooking on a barbecue.

Fans flooded the comments criticizing the mom-of-three for drinking after complaining of her health issues.

One user wrote: "Aggravating all those health problems by drinking daily… okay."

Another person wrote, "Don’t drink alcohol. No wonder you aren’t getting better."

"It seems like you drink every. single. Day!!! It can’t be good for your health problems." chimed in another follower.


In July, Jenelle opened up about her fear of being paralyzed from a condition called syringomyelia, which is a disorder that causes a fluid-filled cyst to develop within the spinal cord.

The symptoms include headaches, pain in the neck, arms and back, loss of reflexes, muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis.

Jenelle broke the news to fans on her Instagram Stories, saying she was "in shock."

The MTV star elaborated on her condition in a YouTube vlog called "My Neck, My Back".

The TV star said she'd been battling daily headaches and dealing with her neck "cracking 10 times a day."

The Teen Mom alum had been having tests done for the past five months and not getting any answers, which she described as "really frustrating."

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