Teen Mom Leah Messer lets Addie, 8, give herself Covid test as dad Jeremy tests positive after fans bash her 'parenting'

LEAH Messer and her ex Corey Simms watched their three daughters administer their own Covid tests, despite all being children under the age of 11.

The Teen Mom 2 star expressed concern over her daughters catching Covid, after Addie's father Jeremy Calvert tested positive for the virus.

Leah, 29, spoke about her concerns during Tuesday's episode as she decided to conduct regular nose swab tests with her kids after learning of Jeremy's sickness.

"This whole situation has me really anxious," the reality star told the camera, before documenting her eight-year-old giving herself a Covid test.

"Lean your head back a little bit," she instructed, as Addie stuck the swab up her nasal cavity.

"Good job, you take it better than most people," she praised as the child moved the swab inside of her nose.

Addie squinted as tears welled up in her eyes and she coughed in reaction to the test.

Later in the episode, MTV filmed Ali and Aleeah's father Corey also watching their twins conduct their own tests despite being only 11-years-old.

Both girls appeared to be in pain as they ripped the long swab out of their noses before dropping them in the petri dish.

Leah has faced backlash over her parenting skills of late after the mom of three shared a video of her pre-teen daughter yelling at her.

Last week the TV personality took to social media to discuss an upcoming trip she has planned, and right in the middle she referred to her daughter Aleeah as "Gracie," the child's middle name.

The pre-teen popped up in the back to shout "don't call me that" as she explained that fans who meet her don't know what to call her.

"Ok so you want to be called Aleeah," Leah compromised, as her daughter agreed.

However, fans found the interaction uncomfortable as they took to Reddit to reflect on the mother-daughter duo.

"This is not okay," one complained, while a second agreed: "I don't have kids but this would make me super uncomfortable as a parent."

"Are people surprised by this? She’s famous. That’s what happens when you have your kids on national TV their whole lives," another contributed.

Just days prior fans showed concern that Teen Mom would be ending after Leah shared an emotional post about her time on the show.

The West Virginia native posed with her long-time co-star Kailyn Lowry in a cute photo while filming the reunion episode.

The MTV star captioned the shot: "Twelve years and a hella journey it has been. What could we possibly be up to next @kaillowry?!

"I love you so much and glad I was able to make it to NYC for 12 hours 😂✌🏼 Thanks for being on this crazy ride with us @nessnitty & @drdrewpinsky."

However, some fans believed the post was a hint at what's to come, many believing the two could be moving on from the show together.

The duo also met in Philadelphia last week as they appeared to collaborateon a special project.

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