Teen Mom star Cory Wharton called 'trashy' for grinding on twerking baby mama Taylor Selfridge on tropical getaway

FANS are grossed out by Cory Wharton's wild grinding moves on his twerking baby mama Taylor Selfridge while on vacation.

The Teen Mom star shares his daughter Mila, eight months, with the blonde TV personality.

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Cory, 29, recently vacationed to Turks & Caicos with his girlfriend and mother of his youngest child, Taylor, 26.

In a video shared from the trip, the couple let loose while dancing.

Cory gyrated on his lady while she bounced back and forth twerking.

The reality star wore bright orange swim trunks covered in white polka dots, as he opened his mouth while grinding on his girlfriend.

Taylor was wearing a see-through sheer white cover-up as she bent over an outdoor staircase and twerked for 10 seconds while the camera followed.

Fans were absolutely floored by the behavior, as they referenced the fact that the couple shares a child less than one year old.

They took to Reddit to express their disgust over the filmed outburst, claiming that the dance moves were a "trashy" representation of their parenting.

"Nothing to see here folks just leaving this on the internet incase Mila ever wants to see how Wack her parents were one day ( her dad’s tragic stroke game and her moms struggle twerking) Just when I was starting to like them 🙄," one disgruntled fan wrote while they shared the recording.

Others agreed with the sentiment, as one shared: "Barf. They're both trashy AF" and put simply: "Gross."

Some commented on the untamed nature of the clip, adding: "They're stupid af. If you wanna do this and video it or take pics cool but that's PRIVATE…not for the whole world to see. Lord a mercy."

One bashed Cory's representation on MTV as a whole, complaining: "Cory is so cringe he is the absolute worst part of MTV anything. I always get second hand embarrassment watching him and he finds himself on like EVERY show."

Another followed up shortly: "They're humiliating."

Cory also shares his three-year-old daughter Ryder with Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd, though clearly the children were left at home for this party trip.

The TV personality recently spoke out about the mothers of his two kids, and how grateful he is to have a peaceful co-parenting situation.

The father of two shared his joy to Twitter where he gushed: "Just sitting here driving thinking about how lucky I am to have Cheyenne as a mother to Ryder and have Taylor as a mother to Mila.

"Ya boy got lucky they are both excellent Mothers. Some of my boys are stuck in a situation I’m just glad I’m not."

Though their Turks & Caicos tropical vacation was clearly not baby-friendly, the couple also spent some time enjoying the ocean with Mila of late.

Taylor shared a sweet video of her little family enjoying the beach, as Cory held his youngest daughter on the sand.

The mother of one captioned the clip "twins," highlighting how her tot takes after her father.

The eight-month-old investigated her surroundings in a tiny leopard-print swimsuit with a matching pink sun hat.

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