'Teen Mom: Young Moms Club': Why Did Nicole and Michael Break Up?

Teen Mom: Young Moms Club viewers remember Nicole Pleskow and Michael’s relationship from Pretty Little Mamas. Initially, Nicole was more focused on being a single mother than relationship drama; however, she seemed to like Michael a lot. Her friends are not so keen on Michael, and he appears to have a drinking problem. Did Nicole and Michael break up?

What is ‘Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ about?

Teen Mom: Young Moms Club is a reality television programming on MTV. It originally debuted under the name Pretty Little Mamas in August 2018 until MTV pulled the show and rebranded under the Teen Mom umbrella. The show follows six young mothers in San Diego, who are also close childhood friends, as they struggle with parenthood, careers, and relationships.

When the show re-aired as Teen Mom: Young Moms Club, MTV added a new cast member. The cast includes Alyssa Abrenica, Chandlar Walby, Cheyenne Latu, Nicole Pleskow, Nikki Hussey, and Heather Miinch.

Red flags in Nicole and Michael’s relationship

Nicole wants to eventually move out and provide a life for her daughter without the help of her parents. She wanted to include Michael in her plan because she told him she wants to move in together sooner rather than later. He suggested a year, but she preferred six months.

Nicole has a daughter, 4-year-old Noelle, and she organized a picnic for the three of them. Noelle seemed to like Michael, and Nicole felt like Michael was good with her. Therefore, Nicole claimed he passed the Noelle test. However, Michael spoke about Noelle as if she would be a roommate, not someone he would help take care of in a father-figure way.

Nicole also threw a get-together with her friends and invited Michael for everyone to meet. He showed up very drunk and began telling some of her friends they needed to lose weight. His behavior mortified Nicole, and she told him the next day. Michael apologized and told her he would not drink again when they went out.

However, the following weekend, Michael left the house without telling Nicole and went out with his friends, drinking. He also drank at an event that Heather, Nicole’s friend, threw at a nightclub. Nicole decided to confront Michael at the event, causing a fight between Nicole and Heather, who was embarrassed by Nicole’s actions.

Did Nicole and Michael break up?

As a last resort, Nicole took Michael to a therapy appointment. Michael admits he sabotages good relationships but wants to make a change for Nicole. However, soon after the session, they went to another party where Michael showed up drunk again. He drunkenly tried to tell her friends a joke, and then Nicole kissed him and claimed he “tasted like Fireball.”

Nicole chose to break up with him on the spot, deciding that he was not ready to put his aside his party ways. She then took her friends on a mini-vacation to Los Angeles to have a good time and forget about Michael. As of now, there have not been any new pictures, including Michael uploaded to Nicole’s Instagram account. It is safe to assume this couple does not get back together.

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