The Big Bang Theory fans call out ANOTHER plot hole after Sheldon tries to train Penny with chocolate

THE Big Bang Theory fans call out ANOTHER plot hole after Sheldon tries to train Penny with chocolate.

Since the CBS sitcom ended in May last year, fans have been rewatching the 12 seasons and spotting things they have never noticed before – including plot holes.

Now one eagle-eyed fan has pointed out Sheldon (Jim Parsons) contradicts himself in a season three episode with terminology he uses in season eight.

The episode in question – The Gothowitz Deviation – sees Penny (Kaley Cuoco) move in with Sheldon and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) temporarily.

Sheldon is initially put out but soon starts rewarding Penny for her good behaviour as a housemate with chocolate.

The viewer wrote on Reddit: "When Sheldon is trying to modify Penny's behaviour to his desires, he tells Leonard that he could change her behaviour more quickly with negative reinforcement and mentions mild electric shocks.”

But they added, the intellectual Sheldon should know what he is doing shouldn't be called negative reinforcement, especially considering his comments in a season eight episode.

They continued: "In the episode where the guys are taking a science retreat, Sheldon says that in the Ghostbusters one of the characters says "negative reinforcement" (removing an unpleasant stimulus) when he means "positive punishment" (introducing an unpleasant stimulus)."

They concluded: "While it's possible that Sheldon didn't know the different terminology at the time, this is unlikely because in the episode he mentions being inspired by behaviourism and these two are basic terms in that field of psychology.

“What Sheldon is describing there is actually called "negative punishment". So much for him being smart.”

It isn't the first plot hole that has been spotted between the two characters during the show's 12 seasons.

One viewer picked up on Sheldon's apparent 'perfect memory' during Penny's career change.

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