The Big Bang Theory fans go wild as Kaley Cuoco recreates iconic Penny and Sheldon scene in TikTok debut

KALEY Cuoco reprises the role that made her famous as she debuts on TikTok.

The star became Penny again from the wildly successful sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, and featured in her first TikTok.

Kaley, 34, played Penny for 12 years on the show that shot her to fame.

She starred alongside Jim Parsons who played the quirky Sheldon Cooper.

In the TikTok, influencer and actor, Pierson Fode takes on the role of Sheldon as audio from a scene of The Big Bang Theory plays.

He knocks on a door and lip syncs the famous dialogue.

Then Kaley, playing Penny, copies his knock before opening the door to reveal herself in some glam getup.

Pierson captioned the clip: "Penny actually opened the door #bigbangtheory #penny #sheldon @kaleycoocoo – go follow her it’s her first tiktok’."

Kaley also shared the hilarious clip to her Instagram, writing: "My first ever Tik Tok. I’m now cool."

Since The Big Bang Theory ended in May last year, the actress has been busy as her career goes from strength to strength.

One of her first major roles she managed to land after her departure from the popular CBS sitcom was for HBO Max's new thriller The Flight Attendant.

Just two weeks ago she marked the end of filming with an emotional post on Instagram and although she revealed that she intended to spend “the weekend crying” after wrapping up on set, it's not taken her long sign another contract.

The actress, who is most well-known for her portrayal of Penny on The Big Bang Theory, will be starring in new blockbuster Man From Toronoto alongside Woody Harrelson, Kevin Hart and Ellen Barkin.

Although it's not known who Kaley will be playing in the new action comedy, she took to Instagram to confirm the news with her 6.1m followers.

She uploaded a snap of a directors' chair with the official film logo, with the caption: "So this is cool 🎬🎥 #manfromtoronto"

The new movie, which is due to hit our screens on September 17, 2021, has some very familiar faces in the cast.

She will be joined on set with the likes of Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, and Ellen Barkin.

Very little is known about the plot other than a deadly assassin and screw-up are made to join forces after they are mistaken for one another at an Airbnb.

Meanwhile, The Flight Attendant is set to premiere on HBO Max on November 26, 2020.

The role is a far stretch Kaley’s usual comedic roles and will follow the story of Cassie, a flight attendant who wakes up next to a dead body after a wild night of partying.

Speaking to US Weekly about the project, Kaley said: “When I read the book description, I got a chill down my arms. It felt like a good mix of drama and dark comedy. Plus, a complicated female character is a dream role.

“I love making people laugh, but it’s been an incredible experience working my dramatic muscles. 

“This cast is so experienced and has surrounded me with so much support. They make me feel like I can do anything.”

Since leaving the role of Penny in May 2016, Kaley has also taken on the voice of Harley Quinn in the animated television series based on the DC Comics character of the same name.

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