'The Bold and the Beautiful': What Caused Kimberlin Brown and Hunter Tylo's Feud?

As with any soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful is known for its on-screen feuds. Since its debut in 1987, fans have watched the feud between competing fashion houses Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions. In recent years, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) fought over the affections of Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). However, in the 90s’ a real-life rivalry brewed between cos-stars Kimberlin Brown and Hunter Tylo. Read on to find out what happened with the two actors.

Reason for Kimberlin Brown and Hunter Tylo’s feud

Brown and Tylo weren’t always enemies; the two used to be good friends. They were so close that Brown and her husband Gary Pelzer went on double dates with Hunter and Michael Tylo. However, their friendship diminished in 1994 during Hunter’s divorce from Michael.

Hunter and Michael’s divorce became messy, with the couple fighting over custody of their two sons. As reported by Fame 10, Brown and Pelzer found themselves involved with the Tylos’ marital dispute. During the custody trial, Brown and Pelzer sided with Michael, which upset Hunter.

Fallout from Hunter Tylo’s divorce

Hunter was hurt by Brown’s betrayal in the divorce that she ended her friendship with Brown. The two actors would continue to work together on The Bold and the Beautiful. Although they were feuding in real life, the women kept it professional when it came to working.

As for Hunter and Michael, the couple worked out their problems. The couple would go on to have two more children: daughters Izabella and Katya. However, in 2005 Soap Central reported Hunter and Michael were ending their marriage. Unfortunately, this time around, the divorce would be permanent.

Kimberlin Brown and Hunter Tylo’s ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ characters

Brown and Hunter’s characters have had plenty of interactions on The Bold and the Beautiful. As the villain, Sheila Carter, Brown’s character terrorized members of the Forrester family, which included Hunter’s character, Taylor Hayes. In 2002, Sheila shot Taylor during a showdown at the Forrester mansion, leading to Taylor’s presumed death. However, viewers would later learn Taylor was alive and well.

Following their departures in 2002, Brown and Hunter have made several returns on the show. Recently, Brown reprised her role as Sheila, the mother of Steffy’s new husband, Dr. John ‘Finn’ Finnegan (Tanner Novlan). Taylor, meanwhile, has been absent from the show, but with Sheila posing a threat to her daughter, this may be the right time for the character to make a comeback.

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