The Chase contestant bags a whopping £71k after 'pressuring' Darragh Ennis with seriously risky maths bluff

A CONTESTANT on The Chase bagged a whopping £71,000 after "pressuring" Darragh Ennis with a seriously risky maths bluff.

After previous contestants Cydney and Pauline managed to get £4,000 between them, leaving just Joel to rack up some serious cash.

He performed well in the cash builder by accumulating £5,000, but he wasn't satisfied – and opted for Darragh's high offer of £71,000.

Joel held up well against some hard questions, but when a maths one arose, Joel decided to use a trick.

The Chase host Bradley Walsh asked: "525,600 minutes is equal to what length of time?"

The options were A) a decade, B) six months, or C) one year.

Within seconds Joel chose C – with Darragh going for B instead.

However, it was all part of his game plan as Joel explained: "I couldn't do the maths quick enough and I knew he didn't know so I had to pressure him."

Joel managed to get it right – taking Darragh off his tail.

He then managed to answer his way to the final after this impressive display.

But the skill didn't translate to the final chase – with the team only managing to score 14.

Darragh got his revenge and beat them all with 38 seconds to spare on the clock.

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