The Dog House stars warning about breeds which have ‘astronomical’ vet bills

Behind the scenes at The Dog House

The Dog House’s Lucie Berridge, Woodgreen’s rehoming and relations team manager, has opened up exclusively to about rising vets bills for canines. 

She said breeds that can have hefty vet bills include pugs, French bulldogs, and British bulldogs which are all flat-faced dogs. 

The official term for flat-faced dogs is brachycephalic breeds, and they can be susceptible to breathing difficulties. 

Lucie said: “I think the most important thing really is research, especially when it comes to breeds we all want.

“You know people like these French bulldogs and other brachycephalic breeds like bulldogs because they are really cute…”

However, Lucie said “vet bills can just become astronomical, and then in turn, so can the insurance” if they develop health problems. 

“So I think you should consider it from all angles and try not to be emotional about it,” she exclaimed. 

Lucie added: “You’ve got to think about environment, space, time training costs, vet costs, insurance costs, especially when it comes to having more than one animal.”

She said she has a rescue dog of her own and “wasn’t quite prepared for how emotional I was going to be about it”. 

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The expert explained researching breeds helped with the rehoming process and she highlighted how her team can “lead people in the right direction”. 

She advised potential dog owners to “have a rational head on” and “think about how your life is going to be impacted”. 

“You have to sometimes just think about whether you can leave the animal to go to the shop,” she said. 

“But we do talk people through all of this, we don’t leave any stones unturned. 

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“And we also have some really great initiatives, we can offer lifelong care for some of our dogs with behavioural issues so people can contact us and be in contact with our behavioural team the whole time.” 

The Dog House is Channel 4’s matchmaking programme for rescue dogs which is filmed at Woodgreen Pets Charity, in Cambridgeshire. 

Filming for a new series of The Dog House is currently underway following the success of its fourth season and festival special. 

The Dog House episodes are available to watch on All4. 

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