The Good Doctor tackles coronavirus pandemic in heart-wrenching season 4 trailer as Shaun panics about contamination

THE Good Doctor tackles the coronavirus pandemic in the heart-wrenching season 4 trailer as Shaun panics about contamination.

The ABC medical drama returns at the beginning of next month and the staff at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital tackle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The situation sees Shaun Murphy and his love interest Lea Dilallo are physically forced apart because of the pandemic, with Shaun saying: "I love Lea, but we can't be together. She might be exposed and get sick."

On top of his personal situation, the hospital is soon overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.

The medical centre also welcomes a host of newbies who try to bound with their autistic boss Shaun, however his lack of social skills make it difficult.

One commented: "At least he'll be a totally honest boss."

The show's creator David Shore recently revealed why he decided to tackle the coronavirus pandemic head on in season four's two-part opener.

He said during a New York Comic Con panel: "It would’ve been so false, I believe, to not deal with it…This has taken over every aspect of our lives for an unbelievable amount of time.

"The world hopefully will go back to what we viewed as normal, but it just would have been dishonest not to deal with this story.

“Having said that, it is an incredible story. We’re a show about regular people that do heroic things. The impact [of COVID-19] is incredibly dramatic, so we wanted to dramatise it.

However, David was also acutely aware of people watch shows like his as a means of escape, so wanted to strike a good balance between acknowledging the pandemic and providing some entertainment.

He continued: "On the one hand, we need to deal with it, and do it in an honest but entertaining way.

"But we’ve been living with this so much for the last six months…I do think we have a responsibility, as entertainers, to provide a little bit of an escape.

“So, the rest of the season will not be about COVID. It will be returning to the stories that we tell, the stories of life, of ethical choices and these characters in life-or-death [moments].”

The Good Doctor season four returns on November 2.

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