The Hills' Spencer and Heidi Pratt ‘went broke’ for a SECOND time after blowing fortune on wine and crystal business

THE Hills' Spencer and Heidi Pratt revealed they 'went broke' for a second time last year after coronavirus decimated their crystals business.

The married couple run Pratt Daddy Crystals, which sells jewellery and wellness products.

Business was booming before the virus took hold, but as lockdowns and restrictions were brought in to bring the pandemic under control, the money stopped coming in.

And the battle to keep their heads above water will play out in the The Hills: New Beginnings season two.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Spencer said: "I mean I obviously didn't want to show that like our really successful crystal business made us go broke like that.

"In a perfect world I would have liked to have continued being a successful company and I didn't enjoy talking about, you know pretty much losing our business and having to let go of most of our employees, so that was not fun to talk about something you're so proud of and happy and excited about just going to the garbage.

"So, you know, if it was up to me, I would have rather not but that is what we were going through for a whole year of filming because it took a year to film this show.

"Usually it takes like two months, three months but it took a year, start, stop back and so that journey of trying to keep our business afloat, was our reality."

The couple, who were once worth an estimated $10million, had to consult a financial adviser to help them sort their outgoings.

They were forced to reign in their spending on wine after blowing a fortune on expensive bottles during lockdown.

He said: "One of our biggest expenses was our wine budget, which grew exponentially during a lockdown for a year when there's nothing to do but you know, try new wines and, you know white red, champagne, sparkling you know there's a lot of different options."

However, their choice of plonk in recent years was already much cheaper than during the time they were filming the original The Hills.

Back then they favoured Screaming Eagle, which retails for around $3,500 a bottle.

At that time Spencer said he made up to $175,000 per episode, and the couple was making up to $2 million a year from paid appearances and photoshoots.

But by the time the show ended they were broke after spending their fortune on things including: $1 million on Heidi’s luxury designer wardrobe, a full staff, which cost up to $15,000 for a night out, and posh dinners.

The Hills: New Beginnings S2 launches tonight at 8pm on MTV

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