The Russo Brothers Spill on Tom Holland’s Role in Their Decision to Take on ‘Cherry’

Speaking about the adaptation of the Nico Walker novel, Joe and Anthony Russo confess that the dark elements of the source material led them to coming close in turning down the chance to direct it.

AceShowbiz -Filmmaking brothers Joe and Anthony Russo were ready to turn down the chance to direct “Cherry (2021)” before realising “Avengers” star Tom Holland would be the crime drama’s perfect leading man.

The siblings were initially unsure about how to approach the adaptation of the Nico Walker novel of the same name, about an army medic who resorts to robbing banks after struggling with a substance abuse problem upon returning home, because the source material was so “dark”.

Speaking to Variety, Anthony said, “I don’t even know that Joe and I wanted to commit to doing the movie at all until we thought of Tom in the role. The book is dark, very complicated, and that’s what its value is.”

“We wanted to make this movie because it speaks to very relevant and current issues dealing with opioid addiction that has to do with the military experience, the modern military experience. It was a very original take on those experiences, specific to the modern generation.”

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“We wanted to do a version of the movie that was palatable, not like taking your medicine.”

It was only when the Russo Brothers began considering how Tom’s involvement would transform the movie that they started to understand how they would tackle the adaptation.

“Tom is so likeable. He’s such an appealing actor, and so good,” Anthony gushed. “Once we started thinking about him as a character, the whole movie opened up for us as a possibility because he was our road to an accessible, exciting, enjoyable version of a difficult film.”

“Cherry” will open in theatres in late February (21), before premiering on Apple TV+ in March.

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