The Terminator's Kyle Reese star Michael Biehn is unrecognisable 37 years on from blockbuster that shot him to fame

THE Terminator debuted on our screens almost four decades ago – and many have been left wondering what its stars have been up to since.

Despite debuting in 1984, the film and its iconic “I’ll be back” catchphrase will forever go down in history.

The sci-fi action flick sees Arnold Schwarzenegger appear as a cyborg assassin from 2029 who’s sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor, the future mum of John, leader of the human resistance.

Dealt with the task in stopping him was Kyle Reese – portrayed by Michael Biehn – who must protect Sarah from the murderous T-800 Model 101 Terminator.

Following the blockbuster movie, Michael went from a relative unknown to one of the hottest actors in ‘80s Hollywood, however, he looks nothing like his old self anymore.

After cementing a close friendship with The Terminator director James Cameron, Michael, now 65, was immediately hooked up with another notable role – as Corporal Hicks in the 1986 sci-fi thriller Aliens.

More films followed including Rampage, The Seventh Sign and The Abyss – his third collaboration with James.

When Biehn reflects on his career, it’s easy to pinpoint what led him to where he is today.

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“People ask what’s the biggest break you ever got? It wasn’t that I got The Terminator, but that I met James Cameron,” says Biehn.

Michael’s film work continued to blossom throughout the ‘90s with roles in movies such as Navy Seals, Tombstone, The Rock and Mojave Moon.

A decade later, Biehn made his directorial debut with 2011’s The Blood Bond and also helped shape The Victim that same year.

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