‘The View’: Joy Behar Warns Chris Christie That Trump Is ‘Gonna Get You’ for Recent Criticism (Video)

You’ve been his friend for years, although I don’t really understand that. Why turn on him now?“ the host asks

In response, Christie stood by his words, and even threw in another dig at Trump himself.

“I’ve always been about the truth. And he lost the election in 2020,” Christie said. “And to continue to talk about it having been stolen undercuts our democracy, and if you just want to be a partisan Republican, it’s not good for our party. It’s not good for us to be able to present an alternative to what Joe Biden is doing if what we’re doing is talking about what happened a year ago. So it’s just wrong.

“And look, he took a shot at me, and that’s fine. it’s his right to do. And I just reminded everybody that — you know he talked about my approval ratings and all the rest — I said well, when I ran for election in New Jersey, I got 60 percent of the vote. And when he ran for election, he lost to Joe Biden. So, he wants to have that conversation, I’m happy to have it.”

At that, the women laughed, but Behar warned “He’s gonna get you!”

Christie wasn’t too perturbed though, saying that people from New Jersey are “hard to get.” He added that “if that’s a fight you got to have, it’s a fight worth having.”

You can watch the full exchange in the video above.

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