The Witcher posts gruesome first scene of Henry Cavill in season 2 with 'flesh torn apart and bones cracking'

THE WITCHER has posted the gruesome first scene of Henry Cavill in season 2, with 'flesh torn apart and bones cracking'.

In a taste of what's to come in the show's latest offering, Netflix has teased images of bloodshed and gore.

But instead of the trailer followers are so desperately awaiting, viewers were instead presented with the first page from the second season script.

Luckily, the majority were not disappointed with the tantalising insight which describes a "moonlight" setting as a merchant leads a wagon carrying his wife and daughter.

As they travel through "a dark and dense forest" and "approach a small village," the voice of Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia is heard saying: "You dogged my every footstep. But struck down others I passed on my way. Why?"

The merchant walks through "broken gates" and "a snowy square" before he approaches an inn with closed doors and shuttered windows to enquire about a place to stay for the night.

He suddenly turns to the sound of his wife's screams and discovers her missing and their daughter covered in blood.

The action continues with the merchant being ripped away from his daughter by "something".

Geralt's voice continues in the background: "I was meant to end up alone, wasn't I? So I would finally begin to be afraid?"

As the young girl stares into the darkness where her father was dragged, she hears, "The sound of flesh being rent apart, bones crackling, suckling…"

The scene ends with the child running to the only sign of life she can find – a mansion on a hill with a flickering light inside.

"OH MY GOD," said one fan after the script page was shown on Twitter.

Another admitted: "I never thought I'd be this excited reading a script but damn you I can't wait now."

While a third pleaded: "I don't know how to feel, just give us the trailer."

The latest reveal comes after lead Cavill recently injured himself while filming scenes for the fantasy drama.

The season two filming schedule was thrown into chaos by Cavill's injury, but the actor is said to be on the road to recovery.

Cavill, 37, had been 20ft high in trees and on a safety harness at Arborfield Studios, Berks, where the show is filmed.

Other teasers for season two have included mystery pictures from the show's set.

The Witcher season one is available to stream now on Netflix.

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