This Morning shock at climate protester Laura Amherst appears naked and fans say Phillip 'don't know where to look'

THIS Morning fans were stunned today when climate protestor Laura Amherst appeared 'naked' on the sofa.

The campaigner, famous for stripping topless to highlight environmental issues, posed with a placard reading "no more empty threat" to cover herself.

However, this time fans many thought she wasn't wearing any bottoms either with one viewer gasping: "Philip doesn’t know where to look."

Speaking about why she strips for the planet, Laura explained: "Why not use my assets to not just my advantage but to the advantage of everyone else?"

But she added sadly: "In an ideal world I wouldn't have to do that to get attention."

Holly introduced Laura with a smile, saying: "These are your cards, they're protecting your modesty this morning.

"What drew you to be part of this process? I think we can all agree there is a huge issue with climate change."

Laura explained she had become panicked after reading a climate change report saying: "As a mother I worry about the future our children are going to have"

Holly replied: "It makes total sense to me. For some people watching this now they'll be going I get what she's saying. But why do it topless?"

She said: "It's not really any kind of specific reason for it. A couple of days before the first protest I was supposed to attend an event called Free The Nipple.

"It's basically a group of women who go around in Brighton topless. It's so normalise the human breast. I thought it was really cool and I thought why not do that to feel liberated?"

She added: "It's about edication and awareness and getting the right people's attention that can potentially do more with the information.

"For the common person we can only do so much. We really do need the government to step up."

However, some viewers were left giggling with one tweeting: "I hope she’s sitting on a towel or I wouldn’t want to be the next guest."

Another posted: "Sorry but…is her hooha just nakedly sat on that couch? Philip doesn’t know where to look."

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