Tipping Point’s Ben Shephard gobsmacked by contestant’s decision ‘That’s amazing!’

Tipping Point: Contestant decides to take money home

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Ben Shephard welcomed Charlotte, Will, Karen, and Adam on today’s Tipping Point which saw the four ITV contestants battle it out for a chance to win £10,000. Adam was lucky enough to make it through to the final but he left Ben gobsmacked when he decided whether to take the money he’d earned or swap it for three final counters.

Charlotte and Adam made it through to the third round but it was unclear who would progress until the last question. 

Both contestants were tied on £1200 and Adam’s final counter gave him the push he needed to make it to the final. 

Adam dropped the jackpot counter into drop zone two but struggled to move it once it was on the second shelf. 

“You’ve got a long way to go, Adam,” Ben remarked halfway through the round. 

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The jackpot counter ended up between drop zone two and three making it difficult for Adam to move it.

During one of his machine drops, Ben commented: “If only it could squeeze into the right.”

“It’s too heavy to be moved, that’s frustrating,” Adam remarked. 

At the end of the round, the presenter pointed out Adam had to make one final decision.

“You’ve got £2650, you’re out of questions, out of categories but it’s not over,” Ben said. 

“You can walk away or trade the money in for three counters with the hope of getting the jackpot.

“But you either leave with £10,000 or nothing, what’s it going to be?”

Adam pointed out that because of the counter’s position he felt it was the right choice to walk away. 

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“That’s a lovely amount of money, is it enough to get you and [your son] Joseph to Disney World?” Ben asked. 

“It will go towards it,” Adam replied and Ben continued: “It’s a big question, isn’t it? Because it’s right on the tipping point.”

Adam was forced to find out what would have happened had he taken the trade and luckily he made the right decision. 

The first two counters proved to be no threat but the third one was extremely close. 

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Two counters dropped close to the jackpot counter but they weren’t enough to push it into the win zone.

“Ah!” Ben squealed and Adam commented: “That was the right choice.”

“That’s amazing, how do you feel?” Ben asked and he replied: “I’m feeling good, I’m feeling very good.”

Tipping Point airs on ITV on weekdays at 4pm.

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