Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor slams 'pathetic' trolls who 'bully' pregnant Brittany as he struggles with '$1.2M tax debt'

VANDERPUMP Rules star Jax Taylor has slammed the "pathetic" trolls who have been "bullying" his pregnant wife Brittany Cartwight.

The 41-year-old took to social media to lash out at the trolls who have been taunting the mom-to-be about her weight gain during pregnancy.

TV personality Jax, who is currently struggling with $1.2million worth of tax debt, lost his temper on his Instagram stories.

The star reposted a screen grab of a tweet he wrote, which said: "I'll never understand the thought process of going to a persons social media who you don't know and verbally assaulting them.

"Like how much time do you have in your pathetic life. You look like a sad insecure soul. Jesus build people up right now don't we have enough shit to read."

Jax honed in his point by writing under the screen grab: "I'll never understand people who project insecurities they have onto others."

He then followed up with a second tweet to say that after seeing what Brittany has been through, will "never be that person" who "lashes out on people" on social media again.

"I will never understand people who bully and harass on social media, especially when it comes to a pregnant woman," Jax added.

"I don't know who needs to hear this, just take a minute before you write a hateful text. Why are you doing it? What are you gaining from it?

"Bring people up not down, we have enough hate in this world. Have a great day."

It comes after Brittany, 32, was forced to clap back against trolls, telling them to "rot in hell", referencing an infamous scene from the Bravo reality series.

Brittany told trolls in an Instagram Story: “If you are a person who comments on a pregnant woman’s body in a negative way, then you, my friend, can rawt in haill. Respectfully.”

It's a line she also told to her now husband in a 2017 episode after he admitted he cheated on her.

Aside from the bullying, Jax has been struggling with problems of his own – as The Sun uncovered he had amounted over $1.2million in unpaid taxes.

News of the TV personality’s financial woes comes after he purchased a $2M Los Angeles mansion with wife Brittany just before he was fired by Bravo for a history of problematic behavior.

According to court records obtained by The Sun, Jax currently owes the federal IRS $868,035. 

The ex bartender – whose real name is Jason Michael Cauchi – has an unpaid history that goes back to 2014 – where he continues to owe nearly $23,000 from the tax period ending that year. 

From 2018, the VPR alum continues to have another $198,190 added to his outstanding balance.

As of December 2019 – when Jax and Brittany closed on their pricey California home – the controversial figure had another $646,867 added to his unpaid taxes. 

In a separate document obtained by The Sun, the Michigan native is shown owing the California Franchise Tax Board over $316,571 for the period of 2018-2019.

The Sun has confirmed with Los Angeles County clerk officials that the taxes remain unpaid. 

A rep for Jax declined to comment on the matter when contacted by The Sun. 

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