Victoria Beckham shares hilarious Spice Girls throwback to when she quit press conference with a hangover

VICTORIA Beckham has shared a hilarious Spice Girls throwback to when she was forced to leave a press conference due to a hangover. 

The singer-turned-fashion-designer posted the clip to her Instagram Stories, explaining that she was “really hungover”. 

The video, thought to have been filmed around 1997, shows the girls – Mel B, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel C – all chatting animatedly about their plans for the future.

However, Victoria is very quiet and looks visibly strained as she struggles to maintain her composure at the table.

Wearing a black vest top and trousers with her dark hair pulled back, there’s a moment that she actually holds her head in her hands before giving up and rushing off stage. 

The hilarious mum-of-four shared the throwback, put together by Instagram account Saint Hoax, which had been titled “Victoria is me on every Zoom call”. 

Sharing the clip, the 46-year-old added some laughing crying face emojis and wrote: “In my defence I was really hungover!”

Victoria was in the Spice Girls until 2001 when the group split and she launched her solo career.

Beckham released her self-titled debut solo album and scored two UK Top 10 singles.

Despite getting back together for a tour in 2007 and a special show at the Olympics in 2012, VB declined to rejoin the group for the most recent concerts in 2019.

Rumours of fallings out emerged but earlier this year Mel C delighted fans when she said that the Spice Girls are "closer now than ever before" – including Victoria Beckham.

The singer, 46, revealed the girls had got together when the coronavirus restrictions eased briefly.

"Myself and Mel B keep banging on about it, and we do all talk about it and it is something we would all want to do. So fingers crossed we will get our act together.

"We did see each other when lockdown eased for the first time," Mel C told The Mirror.

"We went down to Geri's place in the country and it was fantastic and it was all five of us.

"That was really special and we had a lovely afternoon. We are probably closer now than we have been in a very long time – and that includes Victoria."

She added: "The whole world knows we don't always see eye to eye and we have our fallouts, but we are just this huge dysfunctional family.

"It is a bond that will never be broken. If anything happens to anyone, we are there."

Sources close to Victoria have repeatedly ruled out her joining a reunion tour.

A source close to Victoria tells The Sun Online: "Victoria loves the girls but has other commitments meaning she isn’t able to go on tour."

But Victoria Beckham still refuses to take part despite making more money from the band last year than her failing fashion label.

Fans will be devastated to hear that the artist formerly known as Posh Spice won't be collaborating with her former bandmates to mark 25 years of them being on stage.

The Spice Girls are no stranger to conflicts, with Geri and Mel B falling out last year after Scary Spice admitted to having a steamy one-night stand with her in the mid 1990s.

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