‘What is that?’ Martin Roberts questions ‘suspicious’ flooring on Homes Under the Hammer

Homes Under the Hammer: Martin suspicious of flat's flooring

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Martin Roberts took a trip to Tonypandy in South Wales on a recent episode of Homes Under the Hammer. He conducted a search of a building consisting of six flats that was up for auction at a guide price of £108,000. However, Martin soon found something suspicious on the BBC property show, when he realised something wasn’t quite right with the flooring in one of the flats.

Martin explored a building that contained six flats on a recent episode of the show.

The interesting lot was up for auction, so the BBC property expert decided to take a look around.

He guided viewers through one of the flats, saying: “Straight into this room which is the kitchen. It is very tired and dated and run down.

“Obviously a very old boiler. I think the electrics are definitely going to need sorting out,” Martin noted.

The BBC presenter then walked through to the bathroom, noting that it needed some work.

However, he did point out that it was a good size for a bathroom.

Moving onto the next room, Martin explained: “This is your lounge and actually this is where the flat starts to go horribly wrong for me.

“You’ve got some space under the stairs here and then you’ve got this room which is the bedroom.

“I think in this instance I’d turn it into a studio flat. As in, let’s just take all the walls down and have a bed that either sits permanently in the corner and we have other things around it or a fold down bed perhaps.

“Get rid of this wall, get rid of that wall,” he added, making it clear he wasn’t a fan of the current layout.

Martin then took a look upstairs at the second flat, and there was something that stood out to him straight away.

“Floors look a bit wibbly wobbly in there I have to say,” he exclaimed.

He also pointed out that the kitchen was in need of a replacement.

Peeking into the next room, Martin commented: “Bathroom there, again, you could do nice things with that because at the moment it’s not particularly pleasant.

“But, lots of light coming into this one, so we like that. Then through to the living area and your two bedrooms,” he said.

However, Martin pointed out that there were a number of problems in the living room of the flat.

“Two things I notice, one is the ceiling,” he said, pointing out that one side of the room had a sloped ceiling because of the roof of the building.

He suggested one possibility, to open the space up more, would be to strip everything back to the rafters.

But, there was a bigger problem with the room that had caught the eye of the property expert.

He continued: “More significant though is the floor because what you probably can’t see is the fact that this floor is all over the place.

“It’s always a bit of a suspicion when you have a really, really overly padded carpet. What is that trying to cover up?

“My guess is the flooring is all over the place,” Martin said.

However, he did highlight that despite needing a lot of work, the flats did have potential.

The building later sold at auction for £158,000.

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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