Who Is Simona Brown, The Actress Who Plays Louise In Behind Her Eyes?

Mystery lovers can rejoice with the release of Netflix’s thriller Behind Her Eyes. Based on the book by Sarah Pinborough, the six-part series focuses on a woman named Louise, played by Simona Brown, who finds herself in a complicated and spooky love triangle with her boss and his wife, per Heart.

While Louise’s story sounds like a page-turner, Brown said she’s actually “quite relatable,” while speaking with BT. “She is a single mother who pours all of her life into her son, to the point where she has kind of forgotten herself and who she is. I think she lacks confidence and is self-deprecating, but is also very likeable,” the actress said of her character. “She puts on a brave face like all is fine when she is really a mess and has past trauma which she hasn’t quite got over that manifests in night terrors she experiences quite regularly.” But what about the woman behind Louise? Keep scrolling for the story of Simona Brown.

Simona Brown has been working her way to the top for years

Some may just be getting to know Simona Brown, but the London-born actress has been hustling in the entertainment industry for some time now. After graduating from the Identity School of Acting in 2014, Brown hit the ground running and has acted in several British series including, The Casual Vacancy, The Night Manager, Kiss Me First, and The Little Drummer Girl.

However, while speaking with Essence, she said her childhood dream was to be the next Whitney Houston. “Singing was the dream. Whitney was a huge inspiration for me growing up,” she told the outlet in 2018. “I studied musical theatre for my first two years at The Brit school (Croydon) where I studied singing, acting and dancing. Of the three art forms I enjoyed acting the most, so I continued with theatre in sixth form and started looking for an agent.” Although Brown found her passion in acting, her interests aren’t one-dimensional. “I like to write in my spare time and I’m keen to learn more about directing as it’s something I could see myself doing one day,” she explained.

Luckily for Brown, she says her mother and sister “have always been very supportive” of her aspirations and she’ll never stop working to perfect her craft. “I think it’s important to keep training,” she said, adding that she still takes acting classes and she learns “something new every time.”

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