Who plays Cody on When Calls the Heart?

After a long hiatus, When Calls the Heart finally came back to the Hallmark Channel. This new episode focused on important events, such as the fate of Abigail Stanton, formerly played by Lori Loughlin.

Tonight’s episode had a lot of fans asking about Cody, Abigail Stanton’s adopted son. So who is Cody played by and what’s his story?

Carter Ryan Evancic as Cody

Cody is played by 12-year-old Carter Ryan Evancic. Evancic was born in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The young actor started his career in acting by starring in commercials. He was in auditions at eight months old! By age seven, Evancic changed paths and began a career in television acting.

Carter Ryan Evancic’s first acting role was a lead role in the film Her Infidelity in 2015. Evancic joined When Calls the Heart in its third season, and ended up staying until episode four of season six as Abigail Stanton’s adopted son.

Cody’s background on When Calls the Heart

Cody first appeared in When Calls the Heart during the third season. Abigail and other Hope Valley residents begin to notice that certain things are going missing, such as food. Elizabeth even catches Cody stealing firewood.

Eventually, the town learns that Cody and his sister, Becky, have run away because their parents passed away. They do not wish to be in foster care, but Becky is incredibly sick.

Abigail Stanton takes the two into her home and watches Cody while Becky is taken to the city to heal from her illness. After Becky has healed, an unknown aunt tries to take the two siblings back home with her.

However, the kids feel more welcome in Hope Valley. Ultimately, Cody ends up living with Abigail while Becky goes to live with their aunt.

Since his initial introduction, fans have gotten to watch Cody grow in real life and on the show. Cody goes from being a shy outcast to making plenty of friends. He’s also an exceptional baseball player.

Unfortunately, Cody will be leaving with Abigail Stanton to go East to take care of Abigail’s mother. Although Cody will be missed, fans hope that we will see him in Hope Valley again.

When Calls the Heart airs Sundays at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel.

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