Will Smith Joins Forces With Queen Latifah to Give Hip-Hop Twist to Romeo and Juliet

The ‘Aladdin’ star and the ‘Girls Trip’ actress are set to produce the contemporary musical take on the classic Shakespeare tragedy penned by Solvan Naim and Dave Broome.

AceShowbizWill Smith and Queen Latifah are joining forces to give Shakespeare tragedy Romeo and Juliet a hip-hop twist in a new film.

The longtime friends and industry veterans will produce a contemporary version of the classic play that is set in New York City.

The updated take follows the love story between a young waitress from Brooklyn who falls for an aspiring musician from a wealthy family – much to his relatives’ dismay, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Rapper and director Solvan ‘Slick’ Naim (Solvan Naim) has penned the script with Dave Broome, while he will also take charge of shooting the project for bosses at streaming service Netflix.

The Shakespeare classic has been adapted for the screen on numerous occasions in the past, including by Baz Luhrmann, who tapped Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes to tackle the titular roles in his modernised 1996 film, “Romeo + Juliet”.

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