Will Taylor's death plans for Harriet Finch in Emmerdale

‘As I am playing it I am trying to think that he would maybe go all the way.’

Will is set to take things to the extreme as Dean confessed ‘he’s dangerous’ – which becomes evident when he tries to crush Harriet with a coffin.

‘There is a coffin involved, yes!’ Dean teased. ‘He does all kinds of things just to freak her out. He does an order of service, as if she’s going to die, so he gets the coffin ready for her. It’s that kind of thing psychologically. But maybe he wants to kill her?’

But with there being such a fine line between love and hate – and with it being a soap after all – if Harriet is allowed to live, could they rekindle the romance they once had when she was under cover?

Dean said Will won’t fully know how to act on his revenge until he has Harriet right in front of him.

‘It’s that point where you never quite know until that person’s right in front of you,’ he said. ‘I suppose we’ve all had a relationship where one moment you’re like, “I can’t stand you”, and next moment you’re back in love.

‘I guess that is quite a jump from jail. But it is Emmerdale! I don’t know. I don’t know until that moment arrives. I don’t want him to be awful all the time.’

Fingers crossed Harriet survives long enough for Will to figure it out!

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