Witness Number 3 star Nina Toussaint-White teases plot twist Right to be suspicious

Witness Number 3: Channel 5 releases trailer for new drama series

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Witness Number 3 airs across four consecutive nights on Channel 5, coming to an end on Thursday. The thriller TV series sees Jodie (played by Nina Toussaint-White) come forward to make a statement that would prove vital in catching a murderer. Nina Toussaint-White teased there could be a twist in store when it comes to who she can trust.

Witness Number 3 is told from Jodie’s perspective and she is a single mother who runs a hair salon in London.

She is a pillar of the community and is always willing to help others and give them a chance when no one else will.

One day she sees two men walking past her salon and does not bat an eyelid until later that day.

She comes forward to the police after they issue an appeal for information following a murder.

After Jodie offers up her statement, she becomes a key witness and PC Ivan Barkas (Sion Daniel Young) is assigned to protect her.

The pair have some history, with Ivan recognising Jodie from their younger years.

It is his job to calm Jodie down and make her feel her family is not at risk from a dangerous gang.

However, in an interview with Express.co.uk and other press, actress Toussaint-White was asked whether viewers should be suspicious of Ivan.

The officer comes across as very laid back and focussed on the job at hand, despite the turmoil Jodie is experiencing.

The star said: “I think you are right to be suspicious about everyone.

“I think that’s the point of the show, with all the threats that Jodie faces.

“It’s like the text messages and certain things happening to her family, she’s sent on this whirlwind of paranoia.

“As a viewer, you are meant to feel that too, you are meant to suspect.

“Jodie is always looking over her shoulder at strangers.

“She pushes those that she loves away and you’re taking on that journey with him, so that’s meant to happen.”

She said fans will have to wait and see whether Ivan is not what he seems.

The actress opened up about why the new series is so different from other crime dramas already out there.

She said: “It’s not about the police, it’s not about the gang member.

“You are watching things through Jodie’s eyes, I feel like the viewer becomes the character.

“You are in her head and you feel the paranoia that she feels and I don’t think a lot of crime dramas focus on that. They focus on the crime itself.”

The star explained how different camera shots were used to show how the threats are coming from all angles.

She added: “There’s intimidation through text messages and the voyeuristic element of seeing things through the actual phone.

“Recordings that the gangs are taking of Jodie, so there’s the way the world has been created through different camera shots.

“And being inside Jodie’s head, it’s just a different experience I think.

“It’s about defending the community and what it does to the individual.”

Witness Number 3 airs on Channel 5 from tonight, July 18, at 9pm.

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