Woody Harrelson Parodies ‘The Whale’ On ‘SNL’

SNL parodied Darren Aronofsky’s film The Whale on tonight’s episode, making fun of the film’s star Brendan Fraser for wearing a fatsuit.

The sketch begins as the director of an upcoming film titled The Hippo, tells his cast of four— including Harrelson who played Keith, an actor who gained 450 lbs to portray the lead—that the project would not be moving forward.

Said director apologizes to the quad for all the sacrifices they made to be in the film: one lamented having to dye her hair brown, another for growing a beard, and a third for wasting two weeks shadowing a therapist.

Poor Keith was appalled at his co-star’s minuscule complaints when he had he consume gristle loaf for 6 months to gain 450 lbs, not knowing he would’ve been able to get away with wearing a fatsuit. It’s worth noting, Harrelson wore a fatsuit for the sketch.

The director later reveals The Hippo was canceled due to it having almost the same exact script as The Whale, leaving Keith unable to take the role in an upcoming Marvel movie now that he’s overweight.

“I think that ship has sailed,” he said. “I’m not exactly in X-Men shape right now.”

Watch the sketch in full below.

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