Yasmeen faces worrying losses as cost of living crisis hits in Coronation Street

Away from the slightly mad and bizarre narratives, soaps, including Coronation Street, have always done one thing in particular – told stories that reflect the world we are living in today.

With the cost of living crisis hanging over us all, looking into whether it’s cheaper to have the heating on low all day, or whether it’s better to have lamps on than ceiling lights are just some of the many thoughts crossing our minds.

In order to highlight this desperate time we find ourselves in, Corrie is slowly implementing plots that see Weatherfield residents also struggle with money.

Next week, the focus is on Yasmeen (Shelley King).

Due to many people not wanting to spend their cash on meals out, it becomes apparent that trade is a lot slower at Speed Daal.

Yasmeen also reveals that she’s had to turn the heating down to try and save more money.

A few weeks ago, Dolly-Rose Campbell, also revealed how the cost of living will impact Gemma and her family.

They literally have to count every penny,’ she said. ‘The cost of living crisis is hitting a lot of people and when you have five children to feed and a house to heat and all that washing to do and get dry it is a challenge to make the money go far enough.

‘They are both working, she is at The Rovers, Chesney at the kebab shop and Bernie at the cafe, so the three of them have also got to juggle who is going to be at home to mind the kids. Paul (Peter Ash) also helps out too.

‘Having one child is a full time job so having five in the house is a lot to deal with whilst also trying to hold down their jobs which they need for the money.’

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